Quaker Peace Garden, Bristol. Used by Permission of Bristol Friends.

During the pandemic, we are joining Calgary Monthly Meeting's weekly meetings via Zoom. Please email if you would like the link.

The Lethbridge Worship Group of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) meets the third Sunday of every month during the University year (September through April) at McKillop United Church (2329 - 15th Ave. S).  We gather at 4:30 for light refreshments and visiting, and hold a Meeting for Worship from 4:45-5:45.  Newcomers, visitors, and anyone interested in learning more are very welcome.  Children are welcome; they generally join the Meeting for the first 10 minutes or so, and then may leave to attend the children's program.

Quakers were founded by George Fox in the 1600s as a Christian group in England.  They spread to North America under the leadership of William Penn, who formed Pennsylvania as a Friendly community. 

In general, Friends are known for their tolerance and acceptance of all people.  There is no formal "creed" or system of beliefs to which all Friends adhere.  There are, however, a number of Testimonies and beliefs that have grown out of our experience that are important to most of us. 

One central belief is that there is "that of God" (often called "the Light") in every person, and that every person can be equally close to the divine.  For this reason, our "services" consist of an hour of silence in which we open ourselves to any leadings of the Spirit.  Anyone who feels moved to do so during the hour may share thoughts that have come to them out of the silence, as we are all equally likely to have messages that are worth sharing.  This vocal "ministry" may come from newcomers, visitors, or experienced Friends.


The image in the top left is of the tiles in Bristol Quaker Peace Garden, at the front of Horfield Quaker Meeting House in Bristol, England. It is used by permission.